We've been each other's support systems for over 18 years.
We first met as teammates in soccer camp, but our unshakeable 
bond didn't form until one of us got bullied for being a girl. 

Every idea begins with a story. This one started when two childhood friends bonded over the love of sports. They first met at soccer camp, but didn't grow close until Joy got bullied by a team captain who was unhappy about having a girl on his team. As the only girl who signed up for the camp, she was on the verge of quitting. That was until Liran stood up for her, and gave her the strength to continue playing that whole summer. 

And that was just the beginning of a lifelong friendship. They played in the same sports leagues after school, and spent their weekends participating in swim meets or tennis tournaments. They weren't the strongest of fastest ones out there, and definitely weren't the best players in their teams. They've both felt the bitter, heartbreaking moment of defeat and rejection. But they knew it was okay to keep doing what they loved, because they always had each other's support. 

Fast forward to 2013, after four years of supporting each other via skype from one dorm room to another military base. Both friends have founded their passion in the world of functional fitness, but they didn't randomly walk into their CrossFit gyms. Joy was trying to combat a health complication that stemmed from an eating disorder, while Liran was trying to regain his confidence after retiring from competitive swimming and slipping out of shape. The battle to where they currently stand wasn't an easy one. Realizing how far they've come, and how much stronger they've been since they've parted after high school, Liran designed and engraved Joy a kettlebell charm for her birthday to symbolize an important milestone. The charm became a big hit among their friends, who asked for the their accomplishments to be marked too. Four custom orders later, the rest was history! 

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